Fat Panda

Fat Panda makes its mark in Sydney

If you live in the City of Fairfield in Sydney’s south-west, you’ll know Canley Vale Road and its wide selection of no-frills, delicious late night eateries. Nestled among them is Fat Panda. Owner, Jenny Dinh describes Fat Panda as “A little Japanese slash Asian fusion restaurant, we have a sushi train and an a la carte menu as well. So, it’s a mixture of traditional Japanese with a little bit more modern dishes.” After opening its doors in 2008, Fat Panda focused on sticking to its philosophy of simple, good, honest food made from the heart and did not worry much about marketing their business online. “We’re just a small little restaurant, we don’t know much about any of the tech side of things,” Jenny says.

But, like many small business owners, and restaurateurs, in particular, Jenny began to come to terms with the importance of having an online presence. “We’ve been around for eight years, and six years in we still didn’t have a website, which in this day and age is like having a phone number, you really need it.” So they embarked on building a website and made some important decisions to get it right for their target market. 

First things first, mastering your domain name

Fat Panda needed a way of sticking out in the ever-burgeoning Australian restaurant scene. So they chose to use a .sydney domain name and call www.fatpanda.sydney home. “When the web designer offered it to us, he said, ‘you can have www.fatpanda.com.au or you can have this new one’, which was the .sydney and we took the .sydney because it sounded different,” says Jenny. “For me, it said obviously where we were, we’re in Sydney, rather than like a .com.au, which is like, ‘yeah, you’re an Australian company’, but where are they?” A .sydney domain name is a great way to locate your business and have it associated with a city, rather than an entire country. .sydney domain names offer a great opportunity for small businesses to own a slice of their city.

The end result

Fat Panda has come along in leaps and bounds since its initial apprehension about technology. The simple, honest and delicious food is now accompanied by a slick website with a memorable and relevant domain name. See it for yourself at www.fatpanda.sydney

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