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Fat Panda makes its mark in Sydney


If you live in the City of Fairfield in Sydney’s south west, you’ll know Canley Vale Road and its wide selection of no-frills, delicious late night eateries. Nestled among them is Fat Panda. Owner, Jenny Dinh describes Fat Panda as “A little Japanese slash Asian fusion restaurant, we have a sushi train, and an a [...]

.sydney turns two!


  It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since Sydney took its iconic status to the next level with its own Top-Level Domain. And just like its namesake, this truly iconic web address continues to be the envy of cities around the world – boasting more than 10,000 registrations since it launched in [...]

Four innovations startups were the first to champion


From making file sharing more efficient to developing cleaner forms of transport, startups have been behind some of the most important technological advances.

Get more out of Google


A few tips and tricks can enhance your online searches by targeting the information you want more quickly, and with greater accuracy.

What’s in a name? How memory recall is improved by new Top-Level Domains


A basic understanding of memory and recall can offer a huge boost to your marketing strategy.

How to save money with a good local domain name like www.kungfu.sydney


More and more business owners are claiming local domains like .sydney - finding a way to align their brand with Sydney, Australia’s biggest city and leading cultural and business hub, and get more customers at the same time.

Let’s prove Sydney is the #BestDotCity!


Sydney has joined the cities of London, New York City, Melbourne, Las Vegas, Berlin, and Hamburg in telling social media followers about what makes our cities so great, with the hashtag #BestDotCity.

Spotlight on .sydney: 5 of our favourite websites this month


Each month, more and more businesses and individuals take advantage of the benefits of local domain names by launching websites under .sydney.

Our 5 favourite .sydney websites in March


.sydney domain names allow businesses and entrepreneurs to localise their web presence and reach customers in Sydney with ease. Here are five .sydney websites that have caught our eye this month for their clever use of local domain names.

Infographic: One year of .sydney domains


In honour of .sydney's first birthday, here's a great infographic with some facts and figures on the first year of .sydney domain names.

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